Self-aligning linear rail with bearings and C-profile, now also in PLUS version

Compact Rail offers the industrial designer maximum design freedom:

With self-aligning capabilities, Compact Rail linear rails simplify design, increase performance, and reduce the total cost of the application. Compact Rail linear rails are easy and economical to mount on all surfaces, even unprocessed ones.

Compact Rail - Rollon

The advantages of Compact Rail

Self-aligning system

Axial up to 3.9 mm, radial up to ±2°
Avoids mechanical processing for preparation of mounting surfaces

Reliability in dirty environments

Thanks to the new self-centering wiper for            optimal cleaning of the raceways                  


A variety of surface treatments make Compact Rail reliable even in the most demanding environments

Long life

Thanks to induction-hardened raceways with an effective depth of 1.2 mm and a hardness of 58 to 62 HRC

High dynamics

          Compact Rail has high dynamic                    performance V=9m/s, A=20m/s2                 

Uniquely quiet

            Smooth and silent movement                          thanks to honed raceways                

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What are the features of Compact Rail? - Rollon

What are the features of Compact Rail?

Compact Rail consists of three product series: the fixed bearing T-rail, the compensating bearing U-rail and the floating bearing rail K-rail. They can be combined to create self-aligning systems to compensate misalignment errors on two planes: axially up to 3.9 mm and radially up to ±2°.

Available in 5 different sizes: 18, 28, 35, 43, 63 mm.
Possibility to create self-aligning systems (T+U o K+U) to compensate inherent misalignment of the mounting surfaces.
Robust NS slider made of steel with lateral seals and floating wipers. Also available in NSD version with mounting holes parallel to the main load direction.

Technical features

Compact Rail Plus linear guides feature double row ball bearings for higher load capacities and rigid rails with convex raceways and new robust steel sliders with longitudinal protection and floating wipers, Compact Rail Plus has been designed for the most demanding applications in terms of high load capacities, high dynamics and work environment. All while maintaining the self-aligning capabilities that make this product family unique.

Sliders are available in four versions: guiding slider (RV); floating slider (RP); extra-floating slider (RU) and rotating slider (RA). Combining two rails with different sliders makes it possible to create self-aligning systems that can compensate misalignment errors on two planes: axial up to 3.5 mm and radial up ±1.3°.

Available in 3 different sizes: 18, 28, 43 mm. Possibility to create self-aligning systems (V+P / V+U o A+P / A+U) to compensate inherent misalignment of the mounting surfaces.

Technical features of Compact Rail - Rollon


These are just a few examples of the many applications you can bring to life with Rollon linear rails.

Can't find yours? Don't worry: we'll design it together!

Machine tool opening door

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Opening of the train door

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Automatic tray forming machine

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X-Ray Machine

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Why choose Rollon?

Relying on Rollon means relying on over 45 years of experience and expertise in the design and implementation of linear motion solutions.

A collaboration process modulated to reach your objectives - Rollon

A collaboration process modulated to reach your objectives

  • Values

    Responsibility and ethics in design and manufacturing

  • Collaboration

    High-level technical advice and cross-functional expertise

  • Solutions applications

    From catalog components to mechanically integrated systems created ad hoc

  • Performance

    Rollon's goal is to contribute to the competitiveness of customers in their markets

Customization as an added value

Rollon understands the growing market demand for personalized solutions and the need for outsourcing production. We are able to use this as a fundamental lever for creating high performance solutions that fulfill the requirements of our clients.

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Compact Rail and Compact Rail Plus are synonymous with:

  • managing misalignments
  • excellent reliability in dirty environments
  • long life due to hardened raceways
  • low maintenance
  • high dynamism due to bearings

For industrial planners and designers, this corresponds to:

  • freedom of choice with respect to the structures on which to mount the rails
  • elimination of mechanical processing
  • dramatic reduction of assembly time

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